Lodgetent woody

For season 2020 we have 3 new lodgetents woody with private toilet. All lodgetents will be placed on a raised wooden platform with stairs to reach the platform. The other safaritents we call “safaritent comfort” and are placed on a wooden platform on ground level. We don’t have pictures with the tents on our campsite yet, but we will try to give an accurate description. The tents have the same size as the safaritents which we had so far. 7 meters x 5 meters outside and the inside tent is 5 meters x 5 meters. One bedroom has a 1.60m x 2.0m boxspring for the parents and the other bedroom has a wooden 0.9m x 2.0m bunk bed for two children. For a third child there is an under bed 0,9m x 2.0m available which can be pushed back under the bunk bed during the day. The inside tent has a wooden kitchen on wheels which you can also put outside. Inside you have a table and chairs as well as outside. The lodgetent will be fully equipped and the beds will be done on arrival. You only have to bring your own towels with you.